Medical Device & Equipment : Project Management

Medical Device & Equipment

Project Management

• Planning and defining the scope of work:
Coordinating between designs (Architectural, Interior, Mechanical, and Electrical, Medical ) drawings, specifications, and B.O.Q.
Coordinating between design and site execution works and make sure to apply and install the designs, specifications, and B.O.Q correct on site.

• Time management:
Work to be sure that the project is on the estimated time schedule and have ability to solve any delay or changes in time schedule within the site work. To know what needs to be done, by whom, and when.

• Cost control management: Work to make sure that the project is on the estimated cost and within the budget. Noting that also time means cost.

• Procurement management: Work to acquire goods and services from outside and suppliers and make sure that the goods and services are matching the specifications and B.O.Q.

• Human resource management: Work on process required to make the most effective use of the people involved in the project and managing the team which already selected by availability, skills, experience, and cost.

• Quality control management: Making sure that the project is being run and executed as per contract documents, drawings, specifications, and B.O.Q. and also meeting the owner’s satisfaction.

• Documents management: Make sure that the project manager controlling all the documents needed in the project: contracts, drawings, specifications, B.O.Q, and reports (daily and weekly).


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